Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Blog

This is my new blog featuring updates on graffiti here in San Diego and all over the world. Ill be posting pictures as well as some graffiti DvD and product reviews.

hopefully this blog get some traffic to keep me motivated to post daily.

Let me know if your following and supporting and ill be sure the do the same for you daily when I check this in-between classes!


  1. so it seems i'm first :) good luck with your blog, will try check here from time to time. Also, a tip- don't let go for at least 3 or 4 months , because yo might not start getting loads of followers in one day. And if you need any help you can write to me, will always be glad to help you with what ever i can :) again , good luck :)

  2. Hey welcome to the blogging world, im quite interested in graffiti as its a raw artform! Currently getting the blank wall in the back of my gym sorted with a graffiti mural :D will update with pics once its done but keep up the blog man! Lookin forward to future updates and like Jazz says it wont all happen overnight!